Since 1977

Our History

Our story begins in the wake of the 1976 Sum­mer Olympics. The games were awarded to Montréal, Quebec however the waters off the shores of Kingston, Ontario were deemed best for the sailing events. Subsequently, the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour was constructed, initiating a sailing boom. Ed Petersen, a local sailor and entrepreneur, seized this opportunity, launching Kingston Anchors in 1977. 

Thanks to Peterson’s remarkable foresight and considerable business acumen, KA immediately found itself to be a signifi­cant player in the local marketplace. Upon his retirement in 2013, Peterson passed the torch to current owner Ben Pilon, CEO of BPE Group.  Kingston Anchors has continued to grow and prosper, becoming a renowned supplier of high-quality marine products for the North American market and beyond.

International Brand

Kingston Anchors is a leading manufacturer of marine products including stainless steel anchors and bow rollers. Our products are suitable for all boats from recreational to commercial vessels and are used by many North American boat manufactures.

Some of Kingston Anchors’ many partners include such OEMs as Bertram Yachts, Baja Marine, Cruiser Yachts, Henriques Yachts, Hunt Yachts, Marquis Yachts, Carver, Nordic Tugs, Sabre Yachts, Campion Boats, Rossiter Boats, Riviera Australia, and Viking.

The Future

With over 45 years of experience in the marine industry, Kingston Anchors continues to expand its offerings to a diverse and growing customer base. Known for our exceptional service, we are proud to supply products to our many Marine Distributors, Marine Stores, OEMs and Boat Dealers, and we thank them for their continued support.

 Having established a lasting reputation for high quality products that stand the test of time, we look forward to introducing the Kingston Anchors brand to new partners and consumers for years to come.

Built to stand the test of time. Handcrafted with pride, superior in quality.