Have a question? On this page we have provided answers to the most common questions our client's ask. 

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What Size Anchor Do I need for my boat?

Please refer to our Anchor Guide

What is the minimum anchor chain length I need?
Your nylon rode should be 6x water depth and your chain rode should be 4x water depth.

What is your warranty on your anchors?
For our QuickSet anchors, we offer a 100% guarantee against breakage for the life of the product with the original receipt. See our Product Warranties for more information.

How do you make your anchors?
We construct each anchor by hand using marine grade stainless steel which is bent, welded and then buffed or electropolished to a smooth finish.

Are your anchors made from cast stainless steel?
No, we only use 304L/316L stainless steel plate.

What is the difference between a high buff mirror finish and an electro polished finish?
Our high buff mirror finish is buffed until you can see your reflection in it, just like a mirror. Our electro polished products have a satin-like finish after being immersed in an electrolyte bath.

Why choose Kingston Anchors over competitors?
Kingston Anchors uses only the highest quality stainless steel and has passed a 500-hour saltwater test with no signs of rust or corrosion. We take great pride in everything we do.


Why should I use a bow roller?
The bow roller keeps the anchor stored at the bow of your boat, and ready to deploy.

How do I choose a bow roller?
Refer to our Bow Roller Guide to determine which is the best one for your boat.

Do you sell replacement wheels for bow rollers?
Yes, we sell a variety of roller wheels that you can view here. We also have a Roller Wheel Selection Guide to help you determine the best fit for your bow roller. 

What is your warranty on your bow rollers?
For our bow rollers and all included components, we offer a 5-year warranty against breakage with the original receipt. See our Product Warranties for more information.

How do you make your bow rollers?
We construct each bow roller by hand using marine grade stainless steel which is bent or welded depending on the bow roller chosen.


How do I choose which wheel I need for my bow roller?
Please refer to our Roller Wheel Selection Guide for more information. 

What are the roller wheels made from and how are they made?
We cut our roller wheels in-house on a CNC lathe from dense Acetal polymer (also known as Delrin) which is both strong and resilient.

Will the roller wheels fade?
No, they will not fade, yellow or crack as they provide a low absorption to moisture and are UV resistant.

Is there a warranty on the roller wheels?
Yes, we offer a 5-year warranty on our roller wheels against fading or cracking. See our Product Warranties for more information.


How much weight can your davits hold?
Our davits hold 350Lbs or 160Kg.

Do your Davits come with mounting instructions?
Yes, we include mounting instructions with pictures to make insulation simple and easy.

What are your Davits made from?
We use marine grade stainless steel for all davit components.

Do your Davits come with all lines and blocks.
Yes, everything except mounting hardware is included.