What Sets Us Apart

IMAGE-setsusapartWe pride ourselves on producing cutting-edge anchor design, fabrica­tion and customization since 1976. Kingston Anchors’ reputation for exceptional, personalized and responsive customer service has resulted in an impressive national and international client base.

Founder Ed Petersen, a designer by trade and training, carved out a niche for developing high-quality anchor designs, fabricated to surpass industry and client standards.

The highlights include:

Anchors and anchor rollers manufactured and assembled in Canada.

Accommodating last minute orders large and small.

Patented design on our QuickSet anchors.

Lifetime warranties on our QuickSet, Yachtsman and Danforth anchors.

Customized designs engineered to meet our clients specific and detailed orders.

Fully serviced from design to build including shipping and follow-up.  We have an anchor roller to suit almost every design of anchor type and weight.

We strive for innovation, pushing the design envelope with a relentless commitment to excellent customer service. Like our products, Kingston Anchors has stood the test of time. Unlike our competitors we remained true to our North American roots, and did not succumb to the temptation to use cheaper, lower-quality offshore products. Our reputation is built on attention to detail, customer satisfaction and our promise of quality over quantity.

Highest Production Standards

  • Each product uses all new 100-per-cent marine grade USA stainless steel
  • All steel has heat numbers and is verified through chemical analysis, ensuring the best quality for fabrication production
  • QuickSet, Yachtsman and Danforth anchors are backed by a lifetime guarantee, are durable and maintain the highest industry standards for grade and quality
  • Our stainless steel “High Buff” anchors are mechanically and hand buffed to remove surface impurities to provide an attractive mirror-like finish that won’t rust or require maintenance.  Easy to clean, as mud and clay won’t stick to this polished finish
  • Our Electro Polished anchors use a chemical process to remove surface impurities, and pacify the metal, providing an attractive finish that won’t rust or require maintenance
  • Features are uniquely crafted with weld-tested stops that take the load in sheer