QS-35 QuickSet Stainless Steel Anchor

35 Lbs.

The Quickset series of anchors are the best all-around anchor, suitable for all conditions.
Designed for Boat length: 35’-45’.

$ 899.00 - $ 1,299.00 USD



The Quickset Stainless Steel Anchor series are the best all-around anchor, suitable for all conditions. They have a patented design. They use Lateral fins that trip for faster anchor setting. The Fins also stabilize the anchor to prevent premature breakout. Cylindrical shaped flukes bury deep into the sea bed for greater holding power. The handle is designed to smoothly enter an anchor roller and a weighted ballast ensures that anchor will self-launch from the roller.


Each High Buff stainless steel anchor is polished to a mirror finish that provides an attractive look that does not corrode and requires no maintenance.

Each Electro Polished stainless steel anchor has a satin-like finish with great shine and like the high buff will not corrode and requires no maintenance.

Made from 100% USA Stainless Steel.

Salt Water tested to 500 hours with no signs of corrosion or rust


 Boat Length:      35’ to 45’

Working Load:  2500 lbs.

Warranty:           A lifetime warranty against any bending or breakage resulting from normal use.  Must be the original purchaser of the product.

Finishes:              Electro Polished or High Buff

Additional information

Weight 40.3 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 16 x 16 in


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