Bails – Anchor Roller

Stainless Steel Bails are designed to keep the anchor chain and rope inside the anchor roller channel.

$ 24.00 - $ 49.00 USD



Below is a list of the various models of bails for anchor rollers with their dimensions.  All our bails are made from stainless steel and then polished to shine.

If you are replacing a bail from a Kingston Anchor Roller, please refer to the specific anchor roller page for the replacement part number.

If none of our sizes meet your specific requirements, please contact Kingston Anchors for custom orders.


Please use the selection tool above to choose the right bail for your anchor roller.


(BAF=Flat Bar   BAF2=Flat Bar-2 holes /side   BAR=Round Bar)

Bail Model                                                         Bail Width X Bail Length(Overall)  X Anchor Roller Width

BAF2-20-3 3/4″ X 20″ X 3″
BAF2-20-3.78 3/4″ X 20″ X 3-7/8″
BAF2-24-3.12-1 1″ X 24″ X 3-1/2″
BAF-8.12-1.78 3/4″ X 8-1/2″ X 1-7/8″
BAR-10-3.14 5/16″ X10″ X 3-1/4″
BAR-11-3.14 5/16″ X 11″ X 3-1/4″
BAR-13-3.14 5/16″ X 13″ X 3-1/4″
BAR-15-2.78 5/16″ X 15″ X 2-7/8″
BAR-16-3.34-.12 1/2″ X 16″ X 3-3/4″
BAR-16-4.38 5/16″ X 16″ X 4-3/8″
BAR-19-5.34 5/16″ X 19″ X 5-3/4″
BAR-9-2.78 5/16″ 9″ X 2-7/8″
 BAR-15.3.14  5/16’ X 15” X 3-1/4”

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 7 x 3 in

BAF-8.12-1.78, BAF2-20-3, BAF2-20-3.78, BAF2-24-3.12-1, BAR-10-3.14, BAR-11-3.14, BAR-13-3.14, BAR-15-2.78, BAR-16-3.34-.12, BAR-16-4.38, BAR-19-5.34, BAR-9-2.78, BARW-14-1.78


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