Frequently asked questions

What makes Kingston Anchors products superior to other cheaper products on the market?

kingston anchors US steel made in canada

Kingston Anchors uses only USA steel in our products compared to all our competition who use Chinese Steel in their products.  In a head to head, independent laboratory saltwater testing, our USA Stainless Steel showed no signs of deterioration or rust after 500 hours.  The Chinese based product that was tested showed rusting at only 168 hours.  Stainless Steel is not supposed to rust.

Our products are hand crafted and assembled in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  We have pride in our work and are not out to mass produce in a foreign overseas country.  All our competition have their products made  in China.

The first question you should ask before you buy is:  “Where is this product made?”

What do you charge for shipping?

Shipping costs are based on the weight and box size of each piece and its destination.  Shipping is provided through UPS.  Rates are based on Standard Shipping, 7 day overland ground.  Shipping in Canada might arrive sooner depending on distance from Kingston Ontario.

We ship to Canada and the 48 Continental States.  Contact us directly for international pricing.

Do you offer warranties or servicing for the products?

Lifetime guarantee on Quickset, Hi-Strength Danforth, and Yachtsman Anchors on breakage and bending, and a limited 5 year warranty on our Plow Anchors.

Do I need just one anchor, or should I have more than one?

Every boat should have at least 2 anchors designed for different sea bed conditions and for overnight moorage, having a bow and stern anchor set for safety.

How do I know which anchor and roller is for me?

Check our selection guides for anchors or rollers to check the specifications for your boat type, boat size, and the size of anchor and roller you will need.