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QS-22 Kingston Anchor QuickSet 22 Lb (10 Kg)

$ 549.00 - $ 899.00 USD

Delta/Plow Style Anchor HANDCRAFTED w/Marine Grade U.S.A. Stainless Steel For Boats 15 to 32 Feet (6.8 to 9.75 Meter)

HS-35 Anchor

$399.00 USD

35 Lbs. Excellent in sand & clay bottoms. Designed for boats 35'-45'.

Y-25 Yachtsman Anchor

$499.00 USD

25 Lbs. Regarded as the best storm anchor. Designed for boats 20' to 28'.


$ 259.00 - $ 329.00 USD

A versatile roller that works well with Kingston QuickSet, Bruce and Danforth anchors up to 60 pounds. When used with a windlass, the twin rollers hold the anchors secure, while the forward tabs rest against the flukes of a Danforth anchor.

DELTA-20 Kingston Anchor 18.5 inch (46.99 cm) Bow Roller

$ 449.00 - $ 499.00 USD

Bow Roller designed for QuickSet, Rocna, Delta Plow & Bruce/Claw anchors up to 50 Lb (22.67 Kg) HANDCRAFTED w/Marine Grade U.S.A. Stainless Steel.


$ 549.00 - $ 649.00 USD

The E-8 is a pulpit roller designed to be flush mounted in the bowsprit/pulpit, with the anchor stowed and the flukes below the bowsprit. It is suitable for Danforth style anchors up to 35 pounds.

Roller Wheels – Variety of Sizes and Models

$ 29.00 - $ 79.00 USD

Machined from dense Acetal polymer which is both strong and resilient well suited for the marine environment. Designed to last the life of the roller.


$ 599.00 - $ 699.00 USD

A heavy-duty pulpit mount roller for anchors up to 125 pounds. The throat is extra wide to accommodate many types of anchors. This roller is ideal for gon and bowsprit.

BRUCE-25 Kingston Anchor 25 inch (63.5 cm) Bow Roller

$ 569.00 - $ 649.00 USD

Bow Roller designed for self-launch Bruce & Claw style anchors 22 to 60 Lb (9.97-27.21 Kg) HANDCRAFTED w/Marine Grade U.S.A. Stainless Steel.
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