Kingston Anchors offers a large selection or anchors to accommodate a wide range of boats, whether professional or recreational.

All Welding Done in Canada with US Stainless Steel.

Kingston Anchors team will work closely with OEM boat builders to design and manufacture anchor rollers that will meet your needs.


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    D-352 Davits

    1,999.00 USD
    Dinghy Davits - Versatile mounting ability so it can fit all power and sail boats.  Comes complete with all lines and blocks.  350 pound load capacity.  he Kingston Dinghy Davits is made of stainless steel, that is electro-polished providing a bright, maintenance free finish. The clean design styling makes them blend in with the stern railing.

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    QS – 14 Stainless Steel

    499.00 USD699.00 USD
    Best all around anchor. Suitable for all conditions.
    Designed for Boat length: 15’ – 31’.

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    ML-1 Motor Lift

    119.00 USD
    Kingston Anchors' Motor Lift fittings are options that allow you to use one of the davit arms to lift an outboard motor. Design to fit both 7/8-inch and one-inch railings. With a 100 pound load capacity, the motor lift fittings are Stainless steel, with Delrin inserts, bolt over a tee or crossed section of the stern railing.

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    179.00 USD269.00 USD
    A universal roller designed for anchors up to 35 pounds. The extended tabs rest against pivoting Danforth (fluke )type anchors, holding the anchor securely in place, and the rounded bail controls the rode.

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